TOSHIBA Fingerprint Utility

TOSHIBA Fingerprint Utility 2.3

Enables fingerprint scanning for access restriction

Create access restrictions of a device requiring authentication by means of configuring the utility for compatible fingerprint scanning devices. The program recognizes the scanned prints and compares them to the entries in the customizable database to unlock the system.

The Fingerprint Utility aims to identify users by scanning their fingerprints instead of entering a password. Using the following operations, a user can scan their fingerprints on the sensor, and then use this method of authentication for the following processes, instead of entering a password with the keyboard.

To make sure the utility works in the case of a finger injury, please enroll two or more fingers per user. A total of 20 fingerprints can be enrolled using the fingerprint sensor, so if the PC is used with multiple User accounts, make sure that you can divide the 20 entries among all users.

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